Maine Songs From a Different Head  CD's 1,2,3,4

Think of two people, me and Alan trying to make sense out of a crazy world where peace loving Christians wage war against everything and everyone.  Where selling your time to business to make money to spend keeping business thriving…..


That is where these songs and stories came from.   We bought a house and drug our two kids off to live on a tidal river where we lived as close as we could in order to stay free of the pulls of society.   I found myself singing these songs that popped out of my mouth and demanded attention.  Alan picked up his harmonicas and joined my auto harp and me in filling our lives with song.  


The songs are bits of living in a special time.   The first one is “Sitting by the River” And that’s where a big bunch of them were written, me sitting in our Maine house, on the window seat I had built out of scrap lumber, looking out and down at the shallow tidal river that lapped the cedar posts that held the house up from falling down into time.  Each song spilling out from living through the many days of wonder and pain, confusion and certainty.   




So Alan said, “We should record the songs on CD’s”! And Mark Knox who owns New Sound the recording studio said ”Come on up to the 20th floor and lets get them down.” Don’t be fooled. These are not make a million-hit the charts songs. They are little explosions of sound words that came from living day to day in this crazy world…. Trying to make sense out of the senseless things we homo sapiens do to and with each other on this breathtakingly beautiful planet earth.  And here they are. Stories and songs of the revolution of the 1960’s and 1970’s as we lived it in down East Maine..

My favorite is “When you get Freedom, Who Will You Be?”  That was the big question.   To suddenly have no one telling us what to do when.  To have to think out what we wanted and why and was it for good for all of us, or bad for most.


And then there are the shout songs,

“Its My World Too!” and  “Fuck You Mr. Johnson”;

And the songs extolling the wonders of the earth, “Come Walk in the Garden with Me” and “You’ve Given Us a Beautiful World Lord”;

---the PROUD women songs,  “We’ve God the Right…”  and “Atlanta was an  Argonaut”... "Truck Driving Lou"

…the LOVE songs; “I Shouldn’t Love You Like I do” and Spring Seems To Be Here Again" "How Did Your Hair Turn So Grey"


And More and More and More…

CD's 1,2

CD's 3,4