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Alters & Effigies


We pray to many gods.  Always have and always will.    The... All of existence... the UNIverse from the smallest to the biggest masses of energy held together by forces know and unknown is too overwhelming.   Christianity and Mohadsiam  and of course Jahova their grandparent religion of the Jews have tried to make a one god religion.  And the Egyptians tried even longer ago... but the ALL is too big and we try in many ways to make it comprehensible.  Each. Of us make theologies and rules, dogma's and each of us interpret the stories we are told in as many different ways as possible.   

The story I like is that I am tiny.. a tiny part of a system that I can NOT understand and that the system functions because I function.  

We Pray to Many Gods  includes all of the gods that our our tiny minds have been able to think  up to help us survive in this strange place.

The effigies are three dimensional pictures of people who make up the stories.  There are 12 to 15 alter pieces in the making.    And as many more effigies.

The effigies shown here are from various productions of One Woman Show With Alan which we preformed 17  times and finally on the Eastport Art Center Stage in 2019. It has since been turned into a book and a revised  video. (all with effigies)

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