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Once in the early 1970's I dropped a bit of acid an somewhere in that long lovely afternoon in sunshine in my beautiful house hanging over the tide...  I put a small cube of plastic clear on the top of my head like an antenna and I heard a harried voice as if she/he was at a mad switchboard radiate I heard and  then the connection went dead.  Hummm.  I majored in Theater and Speech.  But I didn't need celestial advice.  We were having too much fun going to small venues and playing the songs I wrote... sometimes just us two and sometimes a third.  
Storytelling in front of an audience... and so I wrote Super Doudee and the Rainbow Kids.  It got read down in Portland and latter Play Works did a staged reading at Moore College here in Philadelphia... got a review.  All about  female sacrifices and women across divide becoming allies.

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