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A Balancing Act In Progress

Alan HorseRadish and I have been warriors locked in combat since the first time we met at a party 50 some years ago locking eyes across the room. Each of us somehow knew that the battle was on. It didn’t feel like a battle. It felt like lots of other wonderful things: lovers & friends & partners, but we argued vociferously everywhere. At dinner parties, work sessions, lost in the woods, beaches, wherever we were at, it was LOUD disagreements. Fistycuffing with each other. I am sure to everyone’s disgust, despair, & dismay. We were dedicated to being just who we were, everchanging, growing up to be just who we wanted to be. Knowing just what each of us had to do to keep our act together teaching each other our tricks and laughing always laughing at our pratfalls.

And here we are 50 some years into the battle still engaged in maintaining our differences while holding hands and looking with open eyed wonder at each other and each moment we exist we are tourists on this Earthhome holding hands, two SEPARATES acting together for our joint well being.

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