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I have been thinking about family and what family means in 2023... very different from 1930. Then we all lived close together often in the same block or farm area. The odd explorer was ODD and (depending on how successful in MONEY matters)... liked or dismissed. Now many families are full of explorers and often have no grouping place.

An UHmazeING problem... full of unknowns. Families mean SAFE (to some degree or other). Now in 2023 with the majority of us blasted out of that SAFE... of what use is the now distant family network? As with all Homo Sapien problems... some like this new... some fight to the death for the old... and most of us are confused. Am I obligated to go to the funeral of Aunt Bessie? Lend money to a nephew/niece? sent birthday cards? Here is the code for family interactions i am setting for myself... NOT ANYONE ELSE.

1. No one is obliged to anyone else. But there is some safety left in this group ad it is to my long term advantage to keep the group functioning. Helping each other (within my capacity) does that.

2.Knowing my history... is good for me. Knowing that my grandfather went gold mining in the 1850’s gives me validation points... points in history that i KNOW is truth. Family is where that information is kept. Therefor, I need to make connections between family members possible... fostering where we are alike and voting to indefinitely postpone differences.

3. It is to my advantage to know how other folk solve their problems... so i am/will/hope to listen without judgment or advice to the stories told by individuals in my family... not take responsibility for but offering a safe place for folk to try out.. sort out.. figure out. tit for tat. I will share my stories.

NOTE: these are not new and unique ideas of mine. I am only saying that these ides are ones I have tested and they seem to work.

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