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A Surprise

That was a surprise. In the mail came Robin Farrin’s new book ARTiculating Respect. And there I am on page 33.

Been rehearsing... 10 minuet video... NPR Tiny Desk Concert contest. Hard work. Since no one but me is interested or could do it for me... I had to do it for myself. Had to become producer & director... lighting, costumer, set, sound designer... videographer as well as composer performer. I mean really become them. As director I had to really look at the hunched over Barbara never smiling. Really look and sternly tell that shriveled up submissive fearful female that SHE HAD BETTER SHAPE UP AND FLY RIGHT!. Barbara Singer/Actress could SEE herself Splitting myself up into pieces with different complicated tasks. That’s where I started. Learning to stand up straight project and smile even in the sad parts... when I smile I believe me... when I let my face slide down into frown... I don’t. How did I do it? I thought about it all the time... where were my feet... where did my eyes land on the wall. Became a game. Other than that obsession... (Imagen having to learn where light is and where all the clutter distracts!) Other than that, we still stay home... mostly. Did go out to Los Caballitos... got take out tacos... ate in the car... watching people. Alan drove. No inside restaurants until Alan’s red blood cells perk up into normal.

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